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A how-to guide on making Harley Quinn’s Perfect Egg Sandwich that features in the new film Birds Of Prey following up from Suicide Sqaud.

The perfect egg sandwich is deliciously good Harley loves this! ... and you should really try it for yourself. I loved making it also after watching the movie Birds Of Prey, I was inspired to create this classic that Harley Quinn loves so much very much...
Remember just a few dashes of hot sauce... not to much you want to taste the cheese! as said by Harley when she watches in awe, paired on a beautiful crispy ciobetta roll, with crispy bacon, perfect eggs and slices of cheese... also based with melted butter. RECIPE BELOW :)


Ciabatta Roll
Streaky Bacon
American Cheese
Hot Sauce * A Few Dashes*

With these Ingredients you can make Harley Quinns Bird Of Prey Sandwich 🥪


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