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The Insomnia Key sleep video is 30 minutes long. It features no talking. Just the natural sounds and videos of various beautiful scenes. Over the calming sounds is a gentle ambient soundtrack. Which is in itself an excellent natural sleep aid.

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Most people fall asleep under 10 minutes (see comments). If you need longer please watch this 4K aquarium video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjRLs2exyuY

The videos featured in The Insomnia Key are taken from the Uscenes collection of relaxation videos. We have edited them especially to increase your chances of falling asleep within 30 minutes. See all our relaxation videos on our channel http://www.youtube.com/user/uscenes/videos and download them from https://www.uscenes.com/

Included in this insomnia solution are scenes from nature, aquariums and fireplaces. They have been blended for maximum effectiveness at helping you beat insomnia.

The videos have been darkened and very gradually fade into one another. This creates a dreamy sleep video that will soon have you dozing off. You will soon have heavy eyes and then the binaural sound will help you enter a deep sleep.

The Insomnia Key is a natural sleep aid for use on any device. Simply set your phone, tablet, iPad, TV or laptop to automatically switch off 30 minutes after the video begins.

Here at #Uscenes we are finding that those without sleep problems are falling asleep in around 7-10 minutes with The Insomnia Key (around half the average time). On the one tested baby (so far) it worked in 2-3 minutes, so this is certainly suitable as a natural sleep aid for babies and children of all ages.

People who have problems sleeping will find that this insomnia video takes between 15 and 25 minutes on average. This is much faster compared to those who usually have issues with sleep, it can often take hours.

The first step to curing insomnia is to try and clear your mind before even getting into bed. This is one of the best videos to help you fall asleep. But we recommend using it when you are truly ready to sleep.

Activities you should avoid to help you fall into a deep, natural sleep:

1) Do not use your phone, tablet or iPad just before sleeping. The glare from the brightly lit screens is not good for your eyes and the rapid eye movement associated with games and social networking is going to over stimulate your brain.

Instead watch something relaxing on the TV with the brightness turned down, or even better read a book. Reading on the basic Kindle is fine because the screen is not lit.

2) Do not work too close to the time when you want to sleep. If you have any work related stress on your mind, you are ten times more likely to have trouble sleeping.

This can be solved by making a clear to-do list at least 2 hours before sleeping. This effectively transfers your work tasks onto a notepad or to-do app, and away from your brain. You will then find it naturally easier to switch off and forget about work until the morning.

3) If you have had a relatively inactive day, avoiding exercise even more can leave you restless in bed. Make sure your body has had enough exercise to make it tired and ready for rest.

This can best be solved by getting intimate with your partner, yoga, gentle stretching and mild aerobics. You will then be ready to fall asleep fast.

Stretching will help you to remove tension caused by inactivity or stress. You may find a head and neck massage by yourself, or ideally someone else, will calm you and prepare you for a good nights rest. The sounds to make you fall asleep on this video will be more effective if your body is relaxed.

If you get in to bed stressed, worrying, or "wired" from caffeine or electronic devices, you are setting yourself up for a long night. Make sure your sleep time is calming and try to consciously slow down your body.

Following a pattern each night by turning off/down certain lights and ceasing strenuous activity is a good idea. This will make our boring video to put you to sleep even more effective.

Then watch the Insomnia Key on any screen. You should find this is one of the most effective sleep videos for insomnia and for many people it is the perfect insomnia solution. If you are an insomniac this free sleep video should be just the cure you have been searching for, with sleepy sounds and slow sleepy music.

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