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Criminal Minds: The Real Life Couples Revealed | ⭐OSSA

Find out the surprising facts about the real life partners of criminal minds actors in our video! For the fans of Criminal Minds series on CBS, we gathered the most interesting news about Criminal Minds and their real life partners.

Watch a great story about Mandy Patinkin falling in love from the first sight. What’s his secret of happy 40 years long marriage?
Jennifer Jareau is a mother of two just as the actress A. J. Cook, who portrays her. Watch an inspiring love story of AJ Cook in our video.

Shemar Moore played probably the sexiest character on the show - Derek Morgan - for 11 seasons. Find out his surprising real-life dating list in the video. Who is Shemar Moore girlfriend now?
Matthew Gray Gubler plays doctor Spencer Reid on CBS Criminal Minds series. Reid hasn’t been dating a lot on the screen. Find out the news about Gubler real-life dating list here.
Thomas Gibson was a member of the Criminal Minds cast for a long time playing Aaron Hotchner. He had a lot of drama going on on the set. Watch the video about some shocking real-life drama in his relationship as well.

Also, find out the secret of a strong marriage from actor Joe Mantegna, who portrays Agent David Rossi on Criminal Minds CBS show.
Paget Brewster is well known for her role of Agent Emily Prentiss on the show. Get more facts about Agent Prentiss real-life love story in the video!
Kirsten Vangsness portrayed Penelope Garcia - a very vulnerable but sweet character with strong empathy.

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