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The decision to end this sci-fi cult favorite after two seasons has already been made, but why exactly did Netflix execs decide to pull the plug on their mind-bending mystery thriller? Here are a few reasons why we think The OA was canceled.

Netflix doesn't release its viewing figures, so it's impossible to say whether the amount of people streaming The OA impacted the decision to axe it. What we do know is that the streamer makes these decisions based on a simple ratio: viewership versus cost. Netflix has confirmed that it adheres to this formula, and according to The Wrap, an insider with knowledge of Netflix's decision to cancel the drama two seasons in has confirmed that The OA fell on the wrong side of the equation. The OA was "a big creative swing" for the company, the source said, and while it was one that Netflix was "proud to take" it just wasn't paying off.

In June 2019, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos reportedly ordered dozens of his TV and movie execs to rein in their spending. People familiar with the high-level meeting told The Information it was made clear that bigger budget projects needed to bring in the viewers going forward — building buzz and industry credibility was no longer enough.

The Netflix business model relies not only on the retention of subscribers, but the steady influx of new ones, and shows like The OA don't help in that department. It was critically acclaimed, yes, but the Netflix metric deemed that it was no longer a draw. Keep watching the video to learn the real reason Netflix canceled The OA!


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