Смотреть F1 Car vs F16 Fighter Jet vs Tesla vs Private Jet vs Ninja H2R vs Super Cars | Ultimate Race онлайн

Просмотров: 6 795 734 • 14.11.2020
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Istanbul, Turkey – Kenan Sofuoğlu of Turkey beat six of the world’s fastest vehicles in a breathtaking seven-way battle. Stopping the clock in a fantastic 9.443 seconds over 400 meters in the quarter-mile race, Sofuoğlu was the man of the hour at the speed spectacle on the brand new but not yet open Istanbul airport.

The Competitors:
F-16 Fighter Jet
Challenger 605 Private Jet
Tesla Model S S P100DL
Red Bull F1 RB8
Aston Martin Vantage
Lotus Evora GT 410
Kawazaki Ninja H2R

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