Смотреть Red Bull F1 VS F18 Jet DRAG RACE: 380km/h (Red Bull Car) vs 2000km/h (Hornet) онлайн

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Red Bull F1 VS F18 Jet Royal Australian Air Force. What happens when you pit the fastest thing on 4 wheels against the fastest thing in the sky? We turned to F1 pilot Daniel Ricciardo and RAAF pilot Flight Lieutenant, Michael Keightley to come up with an answer.
VIDEO f1 vs jet: Ahead of the Australian Grand Prix, home favourite Daniel Ricciardo took the Infiniti Red Bull Racing show car to the RAAF base at Sale to pit it against the astonishing power of an F/A-18 Hornet. Car drag race f1vs jet.

Jet vs F1: With a top speed of 380km/h (Red Bull Racing show car) versus 2000km/h (Hornet), formula 1 Daniel had his work cut out for him. But the Aussie held his own, making a quicker start than the Hornet, but once the Hornet built up speed drag racing f1 drag race, no amount of DRS was going to help.

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