Смотреть Formula E and Qatar Airways Head-to-head in Doha in new partnership! онлайн

Просмотров: 189 041 • 14.11.2020
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To announce our new partnership with Qatar Airways, we put our car up against some of their modern fleet... Subscribe for more ABB Formula E: https://goo.gl/med6hM

We put Qatar Airways’ most modern aircraft, the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner, up against our Spark SRT_01E. Using their home and hub Hamad International Airport as the venue, we closed a runway and pitted the Formula E car and driven by Jerome D’Ambrosio in a man-and-machine race like no other. Matched up against an Airbus A350 taking off, can the Formula E car keep the lead before the plane leaves the ground? And then on the return leg, how did the Formula E car fare against a landing Boeing 787 Dreamliner? Can a car outrun two planes?

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